Even when you don’t know, your kitchen is the most unhygienic place once you are done cooking for the day. So, keeping it clean from time to time is always mandatory. After all, here you are preparing meals, which will go straight into your belly. So, there is hardly any room left for mistakes.

Now, avoid using harsh chemicals to clean up your kitchen because if any of the residues remain, that will make your food items poisonous. Even keeping cleaning agents and chemicals near the food preparation station is the last thing you want to address.

Baking soda:

One of the most promising parts of your kitchen, baking soda is known for its abrasive property and can be used instead of some dishwashing detergents, bathroom, and oven cleaners and even as carpet cleaners.

All you have to do is just spread a thin baking soda layer on your dirty kitchen counter or sink, rub it slightly and then use the vacuum cleaner to clean up the mess!


Another common product that is widely available, lemon is one amazing disinfectant, which is used for scouring off dirt, grease and soapy stains on tile. It can further be used for resisting mould and is considered to be a natural aromatizer. It is one potent item to replace any of your bathroom or kitchen detergent.

  • It is widely used for cleaning cutting boards by wiping off fish or meat odour.
  • It is mixed with water to form a solution and clean your oven.
  • Add lemon juice with water and use that for cleaning the kitchen appliances.


If you are looking for a natural ingredient to remove plaque, then vinegar seems to be the best option you can try your hands on. For getting rid of the odour that vinegar holds, you just need to add a few drops of lavender oil and that’s it!

  • This simple solution helps in replacing mirror and kitchen window cleaners, tiles and even floor detergents.
  • For cleaning glass, you just need to mix 1 teaspoon of vinegar into 1 litre of water and pour that into a spray gun bottle.
  • You can directly pour vinegar on the tile in the bathroom, soak the tiles for around 10 minutes and clean it off with water. 

Natural ingredients based Cleaning Products

Even among all the ingredients used, SOVI® Dish Wash Gel always seems to be at the top of the list for cleaning dishes as its base ingredients are Vinegar and baking soda.  


 Spills and foods that boil over make a nasty mess over gas stoves. Once the spills are burnt on, they’re especially hard to remove. But Multipurpose Vinegar cleaner from the house of SOVI® seems to be a clever choice to make.


If you are looking for a natural ingredient to replace bathroom, kitchen and sanitary ware detergents and also remove stains, then salt is the most common ingredient to get your hands on.

  • It is used for cleaning kitchen sponges and disinfecting them.
  • It can also be used for getting rid of odour in the fridge and also cleaning out the wool rug.

The use of coke:

Even though seems a bit too much, coke is proven to remove soap plaque and limescale. It can also replace bathroom, shower, tap and even sanitary ware cleaners. Use it in place of tile detergents and oven cleaners too.

Focus on the best ones:

It is always mandatory to use cleaning items, which are natural and won’t emit any chemical fumes around your area. You want the kitchen space to be clean and hygienic. So, try using Vinegar based cleaning solutions from SOVI® for a change and you won’t regret the decision.