Well, to be honest, it does not matter how expensive your jeans seem to be. No matter how much you have worn them, keeping them clean and free from stains is your ultimate goal. But, soiling your favourite jeans won’t be a difficult task, especially if you are not careful with your food items and have a history of spilling them.

Whether it is that tomato ketchup, paint, ink or wine stain, anything can ruin a fresh pair of jeans.

So, how can you possibly remove stains?

Every stain is different, and it is important to understand them to get the best solution.

Giving them for dry cleaning is likely to cost you a lot of money!

Ways to get rid of tomato-based stains:

Whether you have splashed your spaghetti sauce or a piece fell in your lap, follow the tricks mentioned below to remove tomato-based stains easily.

  • Remove excess tomato sauce first from the jeans’ surface area carefully. For this method, use the edge of a spoon or even your dinner knife.
  • After that, saturate the stain with the help of undiluted white vinegar. Soak the piece of clothing for around 5 minutes.

  • After that, launder the jeans in cold water. It is one sure-shot home remedy to get rid of tomato stains from your jeans!

Remove blood stains:

Maybe you have been in an accident and cut your legs in some parts. The only thing is that you have to act quickly!

  • Wipe the spot with the help of a clean washcloth, which has been soaked in ice-cold water.
  • Then rinse the cloth and repeat the process multiple times as needed to remove the stain.
  • Once the cloth comes off clean, it means the blood stain has been lifted.
  • Now, it is time to press the stained area with dry paper towels for getting rid of excess moisture along with any residue.
  • Lastly, wash your jeans using mild detergent and cold water. After that, hang it to air dry.

For old stains:

Well, it becomes really hard to get rid of old blood spots from denim pieces. But, there are still some hopes, once you have tried the cleaners from SOVI®, using natural ingredients.

If your jeans have some old blood stains, then the washing method is different. Let’s get to learn about that too.

  • Pour some white undiluted vinegar or SOVI®cleaners on the spot and let it soak for 10 minutes. After that, blot well using dry paper towels.
  • Repeat the process as many times as needed and finally wash the jeans using the same method of mild detergent and cold water and hang it to dry.

Remove the grass stains:

Vinegar is noted to be a mild acid, which works well to help remove grass stains from the majority of denim fabrics. So, using the same product to remove stains from jeans won’t be a surprise. SOVI® products are known to have vinegar in the right proportions to help remove the majority of stains with ease.

Moreover, using chemical cleaners will not just fade the colour of your clothing but also degrade the quality of your jeans. Instead, you can try out some of the natural ingredient-based cleaners from the house of SOVI® to help get rid of unwanted stains from your favourite pair of jeans.

With natural ingredients infused with SOVI® stain remover, you don’t have to look any further!

Remove Ink stains

For fresh stains, soak the household sponge in undiluted white vinegar and then dab it on the spot lightly. Press the area with some dry paper towels and repeat the process multiple times. Finally, wash your jeans in the washing machine using a cold water setting and hang them to dry.

For old ink stains:

  • Place a clean towel inside the jeans under the stain to prevent the ink from spreading to other areas of the jeans.
  • Pour a small amount of isopropyl alcohol directly on the stain using a cotton swab. 
  • Blot the stain with a clean absorbent cloth or cotton ball. 
  • Rinse the jeans with cold water to remove the alcohol after the ink is no longer visible. 
  • Now wash the jeans in the washing machine with cold water.  

Don’t lose your jeans just because of stubborn stains on them. Use these tips to get rid of them without spending money on dry cleaning.

Happy cleaning!