Owning a pet can indeed be a pretty delightful experience. However, it gets a lot more difficult to maintain cleanliness around your pet. Thanks to their hyperactive mentality, these little furry cute balls know how to make their surroundings all messy. So, focusing on some natural house cleaning tips is important.

Avoid using chemicals as much as possible because they might not serve you with the best result all the time.

Furthermore, with little pets and kids around, the last thing you want is chemicals lying around unguarded. So, without wasting time, it is indeed mandatory to check in with some of the tips and ideas.

 Let’s begin!

Try grooming your dog:

If you want less mess around your house, then grooming your dog from time to time is necessary. It is one way to ensure that you have a dog with less fur lying around. It takes once a month or two timing to get your dog groomed. This way, the chances of them losing their shed is less.

Not just hair, but proper grooming will help to get rid of dry skin cells from your dog, which you will find otherwise lying around your house, especially on the ottoman. So, make sure to get this point covered from time to time.

Using rubber dishwashing gloves:

In case you own a dog that sheds a lot, then using rubber dishwashing gloves will be the right solution for you to address right now.

Wear the gloves and then run them over the surface of the couch. It helps in attracting pet hairs quickly and you can easily wash them off in the sink, whenever you are finished.

Purchase UV black light:

Whether you are trying to train a rebellious dog or any other street one, you are not likely to locate where they have pooped inside. Luckily, thanks to UV backlight, you can find those accident places without investing a lot of money for that. They are pretty cheap to use and when used in dark, they will show you the exact urine and poop stains to clean using a mixture of vinegar, warm water and some mild detergents.

Wipe those little paws all the time:

After a hearty walk outside, make sure to clean your dog’s paws before you can let them inside the house and on your sofa or upholstery. These paws have already accumulated a lot of dirt and dust, which will then get transferred to the furniture you want.

They will also create muddy paw prints all over your marble floors! Avoid all these mistakes by taking a soft cotton cloth, and wiping off the dirt. You can hose down the accumulated mud first before using a fresh cloth to dry up the paws!

Prevent dogs from digging:

Some dogs are pretty sensitive to citrus. So, if there are few places in the garden where you do not want them to dig up, just scatter some orange peels around that area. It will not just prevent your friend from digging out the mud but will also make the garden look and smell nice!

Use pet-friendly cleaning products:

The next time you have a house full of muddy paw prints and dog hair it is time to clean it. Using the pet-safe house cleaning tool from SOVI® will be a great shot to consider. SOVI Floor Cleaner has Vinegar which is an excellent deodorizer and cleaning agent. It removes pee stains and odour without any harsh chemicals. SOVI Multipurpose Vinegar Cleaner is another great multi use product to keep your pet corner clean and shiny.