Have you seen the black, dark spots that clung to your windows or pipes? They look hideous and are super tough to get rid of. These tough-to-remove spots are called black mould and in this blog, we will explain in less than two minutes how to get rid of them using only natural ingredients. 

Black mould can be a major problem for homes. They come with a bunch of health problems and removing them through professional services can put a strain on your pocket. Depending on how severe the problem is, removing black mould can require protective gear, black mould removal products and courage to champion the black toxic fungus. Most homes do not face severe black mould problems, so for protective gear, you will only require a pair of rubberized gloves. 

STEP 1: Safety First 

Get a pair of rubberized gloves and put them on before you even inspect the area. The fungus can be very contagious. Just one speck may be enough to give you a weeklong trip to the dermatologist. So, once your hands are protected, let's move on to inspection. 

STEP 2: Let's Inspect 

Inspect the area thoroughly. Black Mould is mostly concentrated towards places of moisture. If there is a pipe, check for leakages. Also check if, during rains, water gets clogged around your windows. If there is a source that aggravates moisture, the problem will reappear after a few days. A plumber can help to remove moisture sources if there are any.

STEP 3: Let's Prepare Our Magic Potion

Do you know that just vinegar is considered a natural brightening agent? Well, this underrated natural ingredient is the secret MVP when it comes to getting rid of black mould! All you need is five parts vinegar. One part baking soda and five-part water (if possible, then distilled water works best) in a cleaning bottle. 

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STEP 4: Scrub Time! 

Spray the mixture over the black mould and let it sit for 20 minutes. After that, take a piece of sponge and then scrub off the area. If the mould has been sitting there for long then the process may have to be repeated to get the best results. 

A Few Words of Advice: 

If the mould area is dry, lightly spray with  SOVI® Glass Cleaner, as this will reduce the incidence of airborne mould spores during cleaning.

If the mould has also reached the wall, instead of cleaning the wall directly with the cleaner, try to clean a tiny portion to assess if it is not causing any discolouring of the surface. If it is, then scrub off the mould first with a dry sponge. Get it removed as much as you can and then apply cleaning solution on a sponge rather than on the surface to scrub it off. It will limit the exposure of vinegar on the surface but do make sure you wear protective gear all this time. 

STEP 5: Admire Your Clean Window

Congratulations! You have now successfully removed nasty black mould from your window. You deserve a pat on the back! If your window is looking a bit dirty then you can make it squeaky clean by spraying your cleaning solution and then giving a hard wipe with a dry cloth. Black mould is notorious for reappearing. It would be best to give the sponge a deep water cleansing before putting it in your cleaning kit. 

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