Kids love to play. No matter how much you want your kids to stay clean during their playtime, they will end up getting in some mess. When it comes to art sessions, avoiding stains on kids' clothing is impossible.

Oil paint and ink leave stains that can annoy you. This is because they are challenging to remove. There can be multiple types of oil paints. It is essential to first read the label of the product before starting. Most art classes use water-soluble paints, which are very easy to remove. Just one quick wash with any detergent will get it removed.

Acrylic-based paints are difficult, and the same goes for ink stains. The chemicals used in these paints will not come off with a quick wash. But don't worry, we got you.

Here are some simple home-based remedies that will do the trick to remove stains and make your kids' clothes immaculate.

Remove Oil Pain Stains:

These kinds of paints are made with an oil base. The oil base helps the pigment colour to stick with it. Due to that, the longevity of paint increases. This is very good for art but extremely bad for clothes. These stains are difficult to remove.

You can also use stain removers. They are very effective, but due to the chemicals used in them, they can irritate sensitive skin. This will have many adverse effects on children. We recommend using stain remover made with natural ingredients.

Instead of chemicals like chlorine-based bleach, SOVI® stain remover uses oxygen-based bleach and salt, which is effective, 100% biodegradable and skin-friendly.

You can also remove oil paint stains using simple home remedies. Just follow these steps:
The oil paint stain will dry in some time. It is best to scrape it off first. You can use a butter knife for it.

To treat the stain, get a few paper towels. Damp the paper towels in a small bowl filled with turpentine oil. It acts as a paint solver and will quickly remove the oil holding the pain pigments. Rub the damp paper towel on the stain. Repeat the exercise with more paper towels until the paint stain significantly fades.

The next step is to wash the cloth with detergent. For this, you can use any detergent, but as the clothes will be for kids, we recommend using a detergent made with natural ingredients. It is best if we use fewer chemicals.

This simple hack is very effective in removing oil-based stains. Please bear caution that this will only work for oil-based watercolours or oil paints. A simple wash with detergent will work if the stain is made of water-based colour.

Remove Ink Stains:

Similar to oil-based stains, ink stains can also be removed easily with simple home remedies. If there is more ink on the cloth, it is best to avoid rubbing. By rubbing, it will spread further.

Follow these simple steps to remove ink stains:
Baking soda is very effective in removing stains. Prepare a paste-like mixture of two parts of baking soda and one part of water.
Use a cotton ball, soak it in the mixture and then press it on the stain. Repeat this exercise with other cotton balls till the ink stain fades away.
You can then proceed to wash the garment with the detergent.

If the ink is dry, the stain will be tough to remove using home remedies. In this case, mix dishwasher liquid and glycerin in equal parts and apply using a cotton ball. This may help to remove the stain, especially if the ink stain has been on the garment for quite some time.

Or you can simply use SOVI® Stain Remover where you can just apply the solution on the stain 15 min before a regular wash with detergent with no scrubbing. And voila! All you need to do is see the stains get fade away.