Everyone loves to have sparkly and clean floors. You only see them in grand hotels or on your favourite TV shows. But let us tell you that having them in your own home is not impossible. It just needs the right product and the right cleaning method.

It is crucial to have a dust-free home. It becomes essential if you have asthma or other ailments. Dust can be a mix of dirt, pollen, mould spores, dead skin cells, fibres, and airborne pollutants. You will be surprised to know that floor attracts the most dust. If you look at it, it is the most exposed area of any household.

There are always a few spots on the floor, like underneath the bed, which are difficult to clean, and dust will settle there despite regular cleaning.

Can You Keep Floors Clean for Long?

With some precautions, yes. It is possible to keep floors clean for a long. Vacuuming or often sweeping, keeping footwear at the door entrance and using doormats can help keep floors clean for long. But as it goes with dust, it will eventually settle.

And then you will have to go ahead with the cleaning once again.

How Should You Clean Floor?

There are many ways you can use to clean your floors. The explained method will make the floor sparkly and remove all specks of dust from the floor.

STEP 1: Let’s Vacuum

A vacuum cleaner is the best way to remove dust from the floor. By vacuuming, you can also notice gunky spots that have been formed on the floor. Sweeping is also an option if you do not have access to a vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming is better as it can also remove dust from hard-to-reach places easily.

STEP 2: Pick a Mop

While vacuuming will remove most of the dust from the floor, it will not make it squeaky clean. To make the floor squeaky clean, you will need to mop the floor. There are many types of mops available, from manual to automatic. Use the one with which you are comfortable.

STEP 3: Pick Your Floor Cleaner

Floor Cleaner is an essential product to mop your floor. Just water or a soapy solution will not disinfect the floor, so that job will be half done. SOVI® Floor Cleaners are made with natural ingredients like vinegar, a natural cleaning agent, which will make your floor bacteria-free and repel flies and ants.

If you have toddlers at home, it is great to have the floor cleaned with non-toxic and eco-friendly floor cleaners.

STEP 4: Mop the Floor

Add the floor cleaner to your bucket. If you are using SOVI® floor cleaner, use only 30 ml in three litres of water. Begin mopping the floor from one end to another. Make sure not to miss the spot where you are standing while mopping. If you are using a sponge mop, then you can mop it in straight lines. For rag mops, it works best if you mop it in a figure-8 motion.

For any tough-to-remove spot, it may need extra scrubbing. Dump the mop up and down in the bucket if you want to remove the dirty water before continuing.

STEP 5: Final Rinse

The floor at this point will be sparkly, the way that was intended. If you are using any chemical-based products, then it is advisable to do a final rinse, preferably with hot water. The rise has to be done with the mop. If the water again goes dirty, it was a reassurance that the rinse was necessary.

So, now you can sit down, take a seat and wait for some time till the floor dries. Rest assured, your floor is super clean and free of dust.