When the time has come for you to clean out a carpeted room, or even if you hold a large area rug under your name, it is common for you to get the canister vacuum out and start cleaning it from time to time. 

Even though considered a common cleaning machine, not everyone has a vacuum cleaner handy. You don’t like the noise it produces or the machine is too heavy to carry out and clean a carpet. 

There are some other ways to sweep carpets clean. Let’s read till the end to learn those tricks.

Beat it right: 

When you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, it becomes cumbersome to clean. To take out the loose particles on the carpet just hang your carpet up on the balcony or yard and beat at it with a carpet beater. 



A carpet beater is not something fancy you must need, a hard stick or rod will also be useful. The idea is to give a sudden jerk to the carpet so all the loose particles on the carpet including dust, food crumbs etc. will just fly off. 

 Don’t fret when the carpet is too big or too heavy to be hung on the balcony. You can simply beat it by lifting its corners to some height one by one.

Use a broom and a dustpan to take out sticky debris:

Sweep your carpet with the help of the right broom, dustpan and a bit of elbow grease, which helps remove debris and dirt.



  • Make sure that the bottom of the broom houses stiff bristles to help effectively loosen and lift the dirt away from the carpet pile.
  • Then using a small dustpan with a handle, you can reduce your need to bend down and collect dirt.
  • Start on one end of the carpet and then work towards the other to avoid missing out on any spot.
  • Remember to use quick and short strokes. Once the debris starts to pile up, sweep it into a dishpan before reaching the end.
  • Whenever you are using this mechanism, try dusting when the carpet is cleaned. Using a broom will cause dust to become airborne and float in the air freely. 
  • So, after you are done cleaning the carpet, it is time to dust the furniture and shelves as your final task. But, do this task once the dust has some time to settle down.

To make this process a lot easier, using the multipurpose solution from SOVI® will be a great call. It is made using natural products, so the solution won’t harm the carpet’s fibre or the environment as well.



You just need to spray the all-natural solution all over the carpet and wipe off the dirt using a clean cloth. Let it air dry and within a few days, your carpet is back to its new form. 


Using carpet sweeper:

You can try a manual carpet sweeper as a great cleaning tool to have on hand. The difference between this item and a vacuum cleaner is that the sweeper will not run on electricity. There are so many benefits involving a sweeper and let’s get to learn about that.

  • It will cost you less than a vacuum cleaner. Moreover, there is no setting to deal with.
  • It is quick and very simple to use.
  • However, the only issue with the sweeper is that it will be tough to manoeuvre on some of the high-pile carpeting. So, that will leave debris and dirt behind that a vacuum cleaner can pick up normally.
  • The operational mode is pretty same as a vacuum using two or more rollers that will travel over the carpet to pick up pet hair, debris and dirt.
  • Then the collected dirt drops into the attached bin until you can empty it in a trash can. Most sweepers are designed to be used on carpets and even on hard surface floors.

Good habits to follow

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for washing or cleaning it. 
  • Keep brooming your carpet regularly. Do not wait for some special occasion. 
  • Avoid washing your cotton or synthetic carpets too often otherwise the supporting rubber sheet behind it will start to crumble.
  • Wipe off spills instantly so they don’t leave stains.
  • Use only natural ingredients-based cleaners if you have to wet wash it.