Most of you are unaware of the fact that some common household items like detergent, cleaners, and paint might contain some dangerous chemicals. Potentially dangerous items can be found in every corner of your home. If not used or stored properly, they will cause minor to serious life-threatening problems.

That’s why more people are currently looking for all-natural cleaning solutions. SOVI® is here with the best cleaners, where vinegar is the main ingredient to be listed on the label. SOVI® is India’s first-ever company, creating vinegar and baking soda powdered cleaning products. So, all the items you get from here are completely organic and natural, and won’t leave chemical and harmful residue behind.

Before proceeding further, let’s learn a bit more about the harmful ingredients found in cleaning products and the related health risks.


The main ingredient or antifreeze will be ethylene glycol, which is a hazardous ingredient and extremely poisonous. Inhaling such fumes will cause dizziness. Swallowing antifreeze will cause some major damage to the kidneys, brain and heart. It can also prove to be fatal if swallowed and you need immediate medical attention for that.

Motor oil:

Waste or used motor oil has a higher chance of being contaminated with copper, magnesium, zinc and some other heavy metals as deposited from the vehicle’s engine.

  • The oil consists of chemicals, which can easily cause kidney and nerve damage.
  • If exposed for a long time, this motor oil can even be a leading cause of cancer.



Use of latex paint:

Water-soluble latex paints are not considered to be highly toxic unless ingested in larger quantities. If you have kids or pets around, then they might get into trouble!

  • Moreover, latex paints are known to emit formaldehyde when they dry up.
  • Higher level of this chemical will give you a headache and irritates your eye, throat and nose.

Bisphenol-A and Phthalates:

Phthalates are noted as harmful chemicals that are widely used in everyday products with fragrances. Some of the products include air fresheners and various personal hygiene items like cosmetics and more.

  • Higher molecular phthalates are used for making vinyl toys, vinyl floor coverings and plastic bottles. 
  • These chemicals are known as endocrine-disrupting compounds and they will lead to adverse developmental and reproductive problems.
  • In men, it might cause prostate cancer. Long terms will lead to alteration at the hormonal level, related to increased risk for endometriosis, menstrual cycles and impaired oocyte competence.




Ammonia is always a common product in all commercially household items. It can widely be seen in polishing agents, which will bring back that shine in sinks, bathroom fixtures, jewellery and even window panes.

  • You can find ammonia in glass cleaners, stainless steel cleaners and in oven cleaners.
  • The higher environmental concentration can be hazardous to the eyes and even the upper respiratory tract. 
  • When ammonia enters your body, it will react with water to create ammonium hydroxide, which is very corrosive and will damage cells when in contact.
  • The fumes are enough to irritate your lungs and eyes, and can further cause rashes or burns on the skin.

You can avoid the issues once you have chosen some of the natural cleaning products from SOVI® for a change. With vinegar and baking soda in the mix, you can get all the issues treated from the core. 

You will get the same exact result, minus the pain that you otherwise get from these chemicals in other substances



SOVI® has an eco-friendly line of cleaning products that use 2 potent and natural ingredients, Vinegar & Baking Soda to truly elevate the efficacy and the cleaning quotient for your homes. All our products are clinically tested, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. You can know more about the philosophy behind developing the SOVI® products