If you are one of those individuals who drive their cars a lot due to work or just to party, then maintaining the cleanliness of the car interior is a good call to address. You need to keep the inside fresh and clean and now you can do that at home, just follow the tips given below.

These simple steps on how to clean the car’s interior by yourself and save some money on professional car wash centres. Let’s jump right into details.

Clear out the trash first:

Before you even pull out your vacuum cleaner or the cleaning supplies, remember to clear out obvious trash. Remember to check everywhere thoroughly. There will be some trash on the floor, under seats and even in-seat cracks.



Remember to toss out any bottle, wrapper, toy or other objects that the vacuum fails to handle.

Remove and start cleaning the floor mats:

You might not realize it but your floor mats inside the car are the dirtiest, mostly if you have the tendency to eat inside your car. 



  • For that pull the floor mats out of your car and shake them out as much as you can. This step will make vacuuming a lot easier.
  • Now scrub them with soap and hot water or you can use cleaning supplies from SOVI® with its all-natural power. 
  • Allow them to get air-dried completely before you can place them back in their original spaces. Remember to dry completely otherwise the moisture will give rise to an unwanted smell.

Vacuum the interior of the car seats and floor:

Make sure to take your time to vacuum both the back and front seats of the car, the floor and even the trunk from time to time. Don’t miss out on any spot and cover all the cracks where you can get the nozzle in. Vacuum under the pedals and alongside door panels using the smaller pipes attached to the vacuum cleaner.

Wipe away the dirt and grime:

You might worry that chemicals may damage the covers and other polymer body parts of the car interior. SOVI® has a solution for that too.  Use the Multipurpose Vinegar Cleaner and wipe away the grime and dirt from different plastic or polymer parts of the car.



  • Use a soft cloth or even cleaning wipes to wipe out the sticky stuff, dust and dirt.
  • You can even spray the all-natural cleaners from SOVI® over the console, steering wheels and in between seats.
  • This simple step will help restore the all-new look of the car big time.


You should always save your windows to last to prevent yourself from having to do more work. Using SOVI® Glass Cleaner is the best way to clean windows and mirrors. 



Make sure to clean the cup holders:

Cup holders are known to harbour grime, dead hair, spilt coffee and skin cells. It is as gross to look at as it sounds. So, use a cotton swab and dip it in the cleaning solution to reach those areas, which are otherwise very difficult to work with. There are some vehicles, where you can entirely remove the cup holder and get it cleaned up easily.

Clean the interior of the windows:

Much like focusing on the seats, you can also start working on the windows. For that, SOVI® has all-natural glass cleaners to the rescue. It will not just remove water stains, dirt and grime, but will give that squeaky clean look to the window glasses for sure. 

These are some of the simple yet crucial steps to follow when you are trying to maintain the cleanliness of your car’s interior. 


Best habits to keep the car interior clean

No doubt, it feels like an uphill battle to clean the interior of a car, so better to keep it clean by adopting a few simple habits. Follow these tips to keep it clean and protect it until your next deep cleaning:

  • Buy car gel or putty and keep it handy inside your car to deep clean hard-to-reach spots like your vents.
  • Buy small containers to collect trash in your vehicle. Kindly say to kids or your passengers to use these as trashcans to reduce litter.
  • Use tissues to put beneath your drinking glasses/cups to reduce the amount of residue that builds up.
  • Purchase an over-the-seat organizer to store travel items. This small investment will be very helpful and save time and money later. 
  • Use natural ingredient-based cleaners instead of harsh chemical-based cleaners. Harsh chemicals may seem like they clean faster and better but in the long run, they are just going to harm the polymer coatings, fabrics, leather and other car components.