Cleaning is not just removing dirt and dust but more than that. It makes your place an all-around more pleasant place to reside while boosting the safety and health of living spaces where you spend the most time with your family. 

Over the past couple of years, the benefits of a tidy home have become more pronounced because of COVID-19. During a pandemic, cleaning became a significant part of daily routine. It is a quick and easy way to keep viral infections at bay. Now, there are specific cleaning trends to follow, and the top 10 ones are listed below: 

  • Know more about cleaning:
  • With the pandemic, you started better understanding the ways to sanitize. You have known how sanitisers work and how they impact your health. People now have become sensitive to the genuineness and effectiveness of their cleaning products. 

    Right now, most consumers are looking for EPA-registered products. So, cleaning a space automatically included disinfecting and sanitizing. Gaining more knowledge about cleaning products is one way to ensure a healthy home. You should be aware of what you are using for cleaning, and what kind of ingredients have been used to manufacture them. It will help you in the long run.

  • Quicker cleaning solutions:
  • With activities outside your home ramping up, people need cleaning items to match their busy schedules. Consumers are looking for all-in-one tools to make cleaning more efficient and easy. Some innovative tools are popular solutions to take most of your efforts out. For a hands-on approach, cordless vacuums are the best solution. 

  • Eco-friendly ingredients:
  • People are stocking cleaning kits formulated using eco-friendly and all-natural ingredients. Over half of Americans have switched to eco-friendly cleaning products during COVID. Similar trends are visible in other parts of the world too. People have started noticing their habits that affect the environment badly. Harsh chemical-based cleaning solutions may clean your inner home surfaces but will surely end up polluting our water bodies.  

    There is a growing shift towards plant-based ingredients, which are water-soluble and biodegradable. So, these cleaners are free from potentially harmful ingredients like formaldehyde and ammonia. 

    There have been companies like SOVI® which is effectively enabling this shift with their Vinegar and baking soda-based cleaning products.



    Contrary to the popular belief, these two natural ingredients are so powerful that they can be used for washing dishes, kitchen, bathroom toilets, glass, furniture, laundry etc.

    Isn’t it amazing? No doubt that SOVI® gained popularity in the market so early while multination companies are still promoting harmful chemicals to use for cleaning. 

  • Pet-friendly cleaners:
  • Pet owners are looking for pet-friendly cleaning items in the current pandemic situation. These products will not just maintain the cleanliness of your household but won’t harm your furry little friends while doing so. People are also looking for products that can effectively remove pet hair, and outdoor dust and dirt pets bring. There are physical cleaners too to help collect pet hair, pollen, or other particles. 

  • Refillable and reusable cleaning products:
  • In many households, reducing waste is the topmost priority. There is an increase in packaging that uses less plastic. It allows consumers to reuse specific components. 

    There is increased awareness regarding producing less waste. You can also follow the trend by using glass bottles and other containers for several refills instead of tossing them when the solution runs out.

  • Disinfecting countertops:
  • Dusting your countertops, cabinets, and appliances is essential to maintain a healthy environment. It would help if you disinfected surface areas, mainly the ones that might deliver germs to fingers and faces.



    Cleaning with plain water only cleans the dust on it but germs or viruses. Instead of soap solutions or plain water, people now tend to use disinfectants to clean most-touched surfaces. A nontoxic disinfectant solution or vinegar-based cleaner is a good call if you are looking for disinfectants!

  • Cleaning essential organizers:
  • Whether a bucket, tote, or caddy, having everything you need in one portable place makes cleaning a lot easier. You won’t lose time looking for cleaning tools. 

    You can have a simple organizer for all your cleaning tools and solutions to keep everything handy. 

    1. Steam cleaning for disinfection

    Steam cleaning is not something new, it has always been part of the hospital and industries cleaning but recently steam cleaning has gained a new impulse for home applications too. It uses only a small amount of clean water, heated in a boiler. It allows for sanitizing, cleaning and deodorising any metal or hard surface that does not disintegrate at high temperatures.  without the need to use detergents or chemicals. 

    Steam cleaning saves time and money and helps fight against anti-microbial resistance.

    1. Cleaning bots

    The cleaning industry is not away from the Hi-Tech revolution. Many automatics cleaning robots available in the market can vacuum and mop in one go using high-efficiency cleaning technology, which helps save time and effort. These bots run automatically map the house for cleaning and provide a hand-free cleaning experience.



    They are still in the high-cost range but gaining popularity among residents of modern cities.   

    1. Cleaning the Air

    Pollution is on the rise, and many cities worldwide suffer from the air population. Studies show that poor air pollution is the reason for lung cancer, strokes, and heart disease and in fact, causes about seven million deaths worldwide each year, according to the World Health Organization.

    People have become cautious about cleaning not only surfaces but also the air inside their homes. It is a new trend, especially in metro cities, to use an air purifier as essential equipment for the home. 

    These simple cleaning trends will make it easier to maintain a healthy household and sparkly clean home.