Today the world is realizing the importance of using organic products and understanding how perilous it is to use products made up of synthetic and harsh chemicals. There is a long list of products that are organically made and then sold. But, the cleaning product industry never had an organic product that is non-toxic. Sovi and Tydi Bowl wanted to bring a revolutionary change into the cleaning product industry and we did it by becoming India’s first vinegar and baking soda powered cleaning product range. 

Using organic and eco-friendly cleaning products is necessary but it becomes vital when it comes to dishwashing liquid. The purpose of dishwashing liquid should not be cleaning the utensils but disinfecting them too. And only an organic dishwashing liquid can do that. The only effective organic dishwashing liquid available in the Indian market is from SOVI. Here are some key factors that make us the best: 


  • Our organic dishwashing liquid comprises powerful yet natural ingredients, that not just include baking soda but also contain lemon extracts and salt, two of the best cleaning agents that give the most effective results. These natural ingredients will clean, disinfect, and even deodorize the utensils. These three eco-friendly ingredients work 2X time faster on the grease and stains, and that too by leaving zero chemical residue. 


  • This organic dishwashing liquid can even be used on stoves, sinks, and chimneys apart from cleaning utensils. Hence it is a multi-purpose cleaner that cleans utensils along with several kitchen surfaces. The strong liquid would clean all the food stains and disinfect the surface too. And if the stain is too rigid you can use more than 1 spoon of liquid to fight the stain.

  • We are a purely natural ingredient based cleaning product brand. Alcohol, ammonia, bleach, chlorine, paraben, and phosphate are totally not a part of our product. We are on a journey to bring natural cleaning product range to every Indian household, by offering highly effective natural cleaning products


  • All our products are made after years of research and development. And proper lab testing was conducted for each one, and we have got it certified by the responsible authority too. So it is not just a claim that we are an organic brand, it is a sheer truth backed up by appropriate testing and certification.


  • The organic dishwashing liquid has a triple power, it not just cleans, but disinfects the utensils and the surface and even deodorizes it too. Disinfecting is very much crucial when it comes to dishwashing and our organic liquid does it very effectively. 



When we look at the past records it clearly talks about how harmful and dangerous chemically made dishwashing liquids are and has caused a lot of problems. A few of the major problems are chronic respiratory issues, allergic reactions, and headaches. It also damages the utensils and the surface it is used on. And if by mistake a particle of this chemically made liquid is left on the utensils then the repercussions are severe, especially on children, the elderly, and pets. So it is very important that you use organic and eco-friendly dishwashing liquid only for your utensil and kitchen cleaning purposes. 

You can get your hands on the Sovi and Tydi Bowl’s organic dishwashing liquid by buying it from our website or from Amazon, Jio Mart, Blinkit, Bigbasket, and Flipkart. We have exclusive discounts for customers who order from our website. The organic dishwashing liquid is available in four different sizes, you can choose one as per your need.

And lastly, talking about Sovi and Tydi Bowl’s unique feature. Organic products are generally expensive, but it is not the case here, we have all our products available at the most affordable rates. So, why wait, grab the organic dishwashing liquid now and get an instant 10% discount.