In the race to make cheaper cleaning products and to get more customers every cleaning product band is relying on chemicals. There is extensive use of cheap chemicals and fragrances in the making of products, and one such product is dishwashing liquid. And brands that use natural products are limited, and finding the ones that are 100% eco-friendly is another task.

But a question that arises in the mind of many people. Why use naturally made dishwashing liquids? The chemical made liquid cleans well and is cheaper, hence people prefer it over any other choice. But, if you go through the list that we have mentioned below you would surely change your perspective. There are a lot of side effects of using chemically made dishwashing liquid, and a few of the major effects are: 

  • Damages Skin: Dishwashing liquid would come in contact with the hands, and can cause a list of issues. Problems like itching, dryness, rough skin, and similar other issues can occur. If this chemically bombarded liquid comes in contact with kids and pets it would have serious repercussions. 


  • Breathing issues: The chemical will not just cause external health issues, but also cause internal issues. One such issue is breathing problems, along with the chemicals, these brands use fragrances that cause this issue. There are thousands of people who have faced the same issue and are facing serious health issues. 

These were a few of the many health issues, apart from it there are other side effects like 

  • Surface damages: Dishwashing liquids are generally used on several surfaces in the kitchen, along with its main use of washing utensils. It has always been observed that liquids that are made with heavy chemicals damage the surface and the surface fades too. The power of chemicals is so strong that even after using water on it, its substance is present on the surface.


  • Bad odor: Brands use chemically made fragrances, but usually these smells are too strong and can disturb the environment. And if there is no use of fragrance that smell of chemicals is too difficult to handle. 

The points that we have discussed above make it very obvious that we need to opt for naturally made dishwashing liquid. We here at Sovi and TydiBowl make cleaning products that are powered by vinegar and baking soda. All our products are 100% eco-friendly, and only natural ingredients are used in the making of the entire range of cleaning products. 

The dishwashing liquid from SOVI is made up of baking soda, lemon extract, and the best cleaning agent “active salt”. It is a powerful grease-cutting formula that would not just clean but disinfect and deodorize too. It is the perfect combination and is available in different sizes. You can choose the one according to your requirement. It can be used on chimneys, utensils, sinks, and even stoves. A multi purpose dishwashing liquid that is easy to use, and its grease-cutting formula will clean all the stains smoothly. You can check the list of cleaning products available with Sovi and Tydi Bowl on our website, and get your hands on India’s first vinegar and baking soda based cleaning product brand. We are also present on Amazon, Flipkart, Blinkit, and Jiomart.