For centuries vinegar has been used for cleaning. It is a perfect multi-purpose cleaner and works best on several surfaces. But vinegar has to be in the right proportionate and should be used on a suitable surface. There is a list of places that you cannot use vinegar and if used it would have consequences that can get you into trouble.

We have come up with this article to assist with the use of vinegar. This article is a perfect guide for you on vinegar-based cleaning. Let us start with tips on what all you can clean using vinegar: 

  1. Kitchen Sinks: We know how big is the task of cleaning kitchen sinks. The grease and food stains are too tough to clean with a normal cleaner, so you need a vinegar-based cleaner that can act strong on the stains. Vinegar with sea salt can work the best.
  2. Floor: While cleaning floors it is very vital that you not just make the floor look clean and tidy but also disinfect it. Using vinegar you can do it both and by adding some lemon extract or other natural extract you can deodorize too. Especially, if you have kids and pets at home you should surely go for a Vinegar based floor cleaner.
  3. Coffee Marks and Tea Kettles: Coffee and Tea stains on the floor, dining table, and kitchen platform are strong, and even after cleaning with washing liquid cannot be totally erased. Hence, you should use a vinegar based cleaner that will clean the firmest marks and give you a clean and bright surface back. Also, make sure to spray or pour a very limited amount of cleaner.
  4. Wine stains: Lovers of wine know the occasional wine spills around the surface can be tough to remove, especially on surfaces you love and care (like the sofa table or the floor). You can use vinegar to clean them too. It will clean the toughest wine stain in the easiest way. Other cleaners might clean the stains but the shine of the glass or the surface fades away, this is not the case in a vinegar based cleaner.
  5. Toilet Bowl: The hard water stains can turn your bright and shiny toilet bowls into a dirty-looking one. And ordinary cleaners are too harsh on the bowl and ultimately the stain remains and the shine of the bowl fades away. Instead, go for vinegar based toilet cleaner that will destroy all the germs, bacteria, and all the stains in a go. 
  6. Electronic surfaces (External): Refrigerators, washing machines, Television, and monitor screens can be cleaned using a multi-purpose vinegar based cleaner. It can clean all the dirt, and dust with no effort at all. We would recommend you use a spray to make your job easier.
  7. Windows and Mirrors: Mirrors and windows are usually the ones that are 24/7 exposed to dirt and dust. And it is quite a task to clean them. So, one should opt for a vinegar-based Glass Cleaner spray that can clean perfectly, leave no smudge and is also alcohol-free.
  8. Shower Heads and Taps: Greasy and strong stains are difficult to clean from a shower head and taps and that too from each and every corner. You also want to make sure the grease & grime doesn’t come back quickly. A Multi-Purpose Vinegar Based Cleaner has acetic power that can clean all these in one go, and can bring the shine back.

Hope you now have a good idea of where you can use a vinegar based cleaner and how versatile it is. However, to use the vinegar as a cleaner, you need it in the right proportion, which can be cumbersome to make. Instead, we recommend that you check out SOVI & TYDI , they are India’s first Vinegar & Baking Soda based cleaning products that are child & pet safe, manufactured in India with their proprietary and scientifically researched formula that is natural yet powerful.