Maybe your shower head is not performing like it used to! Even with full force, the water seems to be coming out in thin streams, making it hard to wash off soaps and shampoo. With time, mineral deposits can build up, causing the nozzles to squirt water in multiple directions or clog them up completely. It will leave you with poorer water pressure or lower flow. 

However, some homemade remedies will work magically to help unclog the nozzles, without harming their physical condition. Let’s dive right into the details.

Time to rub the nozzles:

There are modern shower heads that come in handy with flexible rubber nozzles. The easiest way to dislodge mineral accumulation over here is by massaging every nozzle with the help of your finger. If you want, you can try scrubbing the nozzle gently with a toothbrush. Avoid using the hard bristled ones because you don’t want to ruin the rubber nozzles. That will ruin your shower head entirely!

Soaking the shower head in vinegar mixture:

If you want the shower head to remain attached to the pipe, then you have to fill up a plastic bag with vinegar and then wrap it around the shower head.

  • Use a rubber band or tape or even a twist tie to secure the bag around the head.
  • Leave the shower head just like that for a few hours and give the gunk time to dissolve and leave the nozzles.
  • After a few years, remove the bag and then turn on the water. You must keep the water running for a few minutes to help clean the vinegar out of the shower head.


If keeping the shower head attached while performing the task seems a bit difficult, then you can easily remove the head from the shower pipe and submerge it into a container with white vinegar in it.

  • Invest a few hours to soak the shower head in the vinegar container.
  • After that, re-attach the shower head to the shower pipe and then run water through the head for a few minutes.
  • This process helps in cleaning out the vinegar along with the dust accumulated inside these nozzles.

Vinegar is a powerful solution and much like taking care of shower heads, and you can also use it to clean glass slabs, tiles or every corner of your toilet if hygiene is of prime importance.

Use SOVI® Multipurpose Vinegar Cleaner if you want to clean the bathroom using natural ingredients like vinegar & salt.

It prevents the bathroom sinks, shower heads, tiles, glass slabs and floors from degrading in quality.

Cleaning out the filter screen:

For cleaning the filter screen of your shower head, you better read through the instruction manual thoroughly. If you don’t have the manual by your side, nothing to worry about! Click on the official website of the brand from where you purchased the showerhead and you will find the instructions in detail. You can even contact the customer service department to help answer your queries.

Generally speaking, a filter screen is present inside the shower head that connects to the pipe. You have to remove the shower head from the pipe to get your hands on the filter screen.

  • You can remove the screen by brushing out the filter gently.
  • Or you can use the help of needle-nose pliers or tweezers to get the screen out of the pivot ball.
  • Once you have the filter out, run it under water for a few minutes. It helps in flushing out any buildup.
  • You can even use the help of a toothbrush to gently brush out the mineral deposits from the filter.

These simple and easy tricks can help you to clean your bathroom shower heads big time! To avoid the messy cleanup process, get top-notch quality bathroom cleaners from SOVI® right away! Using some showerhead cleaners from SOVI® might be a clever decision to make around here.