Vinegar - The cleaning King 

When it comes to cleaning, there are hundreds of options available to us. The Indian market has various liquids, powders, and these days even sprays that claim to clean perfectly. But in reality, most of these products do not meet the lofty promises they claim. The cleaning product industry primarily uses chemicals like ammonia, chlorine, parabens, phosphates, alcohol and bleaches. The impact of these chemically-made cleaning products is felt everywhere around the house and not just damages the surface it is used on, but also can cause health issues to the user & the home occupants. Additionally, such chemical products, when washed away, go into drainage and are released in rivers or water bodies causing pollution and damaging the environment.

Now the question arises, which cleaning brand to trust or which cleaning brand is a safe choice? An important consideration is to know what is the core cleaning ingredient used by the said product/brand. And here, we would say it is absolutely safe to go ahead with a natural cleaning product made from Vinegar. To make you more aware and give you an idea of why we choose vinegar out of the many options, we have come up with a list:

  • Centuries back people came to know about the power of using vinegar for various cleaning needs. Indians too were well aware of the fact, but with time, the love affair with vinegar was replaced with the chemically made products that took over the market. An important reason was that it was difficult to store vinegar given it has a strong smell. 
  • Vinegar is termed the best cleaning agent by experts and professionals. They have said in the recent past that no other cleaning product can clean like vinegar. 
  • When it comes to cleaning, there are two other things that people often miss: the disinfecting and deodorizing property of the cleaning agent. In any chemically made cleaning liquid, it can never clean, disinfect and deodorize at once. On the other hand, vinegar has the power to do it all naturally. 
  • The acidity of the vinegar is so strong that it can remove all the germs, bacteria, and mold on contact within no time and minimum effort. 

This was a short description of why to choose vinegar-based cleaning products. Now another, and the most important doubt arises: should one directly buy vinegar from the market and use it or buy a vinegar-based cleaning product? Cleaning vinegar is available in western markets, but as we mentioned before, vinegar has its own peculiar smell.

We would say go with a vinegar-based cleaning product, by doing so you need not worry about the proportion of vinegar to be used while cleaning and which type of vinegar is the best. Additionally, SOVI & TYDI BOWL is India’s first cleaning brand, powered by Vinegar and Baking-soda. They are the ones who have brought revolution to the cleaning industry, by providing the cleaning power of Vinegar but adding amazing fragrances to their products that make the overall product experience a very enjoyable exercise. All of SOVI’s products are 100% natural and eco-friendly and can clean several surfaces. The vinegar-based cleaning range includes floor cleaners, toilet cleaners, glass cleaners, and they even have a vinegar-based multi-purpose cleaner that can be used on multiple surfaces. They are GMP & HACCP certified and have tested all their products in labs before launching in the markets.

A team of researchers has worked collectively for more than three decades to come up with the best formulas for cleaning liquids with vinegar as the core cleaning ingredient. All the tests done were cruelty-free and later certified by the appropriate authorities. SOVI wanted to bring a revolution to the cleaning industry and they exactly did the same. 

You can check out all the vinegar-based cleaning products of SOVI on Amazon, FlipkartJioMart, and Blinkit. Additionally, you can buy from their official website and get an instant discount of 10% on all your orders. It is time to clean in an eco-friendly way, and by doing so you are not just helping nature but you are keeping your family’s health safe too.