In your humble abode, a proud family picture must be hanging on the wall that you would want to keep looking at. But dust settles over time, and it's not spotless anymore.

It is not only the pictures but also valuable pieces of artwork that go in those beautiful frames. It can become frustrating, but this small guide will help keep your pictures squeaky clean.


Know Your Frame

An essential part before beginning is to have a little background of the picture frame you are using. There are multiple types of materials that are used to make picture frames. Some are delicate, like wooden frames, while metallic frames can be handled without pristine care.

If you are unaware of the type of frame you are using, it is best to handle it with care. Experienced framers handcraft most frames and only use high-quality materials, which is also expensive.

If you are still unsure if any cleaning product will ill affect your beautiful frame, then it is advisable to test it on a small portion first. If you see any damage or spots forming, refrain from using chemical products on them. In this guide, we will only use natural ingredients, so the chances of any damage are slim to none.


Let's start with Frame Moulding:

The best way to clean a picture frame is to remove it from the wall first. The first process is to brush the dust off them thoroughly. You can wipe them off with a microfiber cloth. You can try dampening the cloth with water or a mild soap solution if the dust has settled.

If the picture frame is not accessible or cannot be removed, then use a dust feather to get rid of the dust. 


If The Frames are Ornate

Not every frame will be easy to clean. A few frames are ornate or may have complex designs on them. It can be a nightmare to clean them with a microfiber cloth as dust will stick to parts the fabric cannot reach.


The best way to clean ornate frames is:

  1. Try to thoroughly clean and reach corners of the frame using a microfiber cloth till you can.
  2. Use a dry toothbrush to scrub away the dusty portions that are left. Using a toothbrush with gentle or sensitive bristles is advisable to avoid damaging the frame.
  3. Again, wipe with a microfiber cloth to remove any dislodged dust.
  4. If there is still anything remaining, use damped cotton to remove dust from hard-to-reach places.


Cleaning the Frame Glazing:

Now comes the frame glazing, which is relatively easy to clean. There can be two types of frame glazing i.e., glass glazing or acrylic glazing.


Cleaning Glass Glazing:

To clean the glass glazing, you will need:

  1. A Glass Cleaner Solution
  2. Microfiber Cloth

Make sure that the glass has been appropriately dusted. Spray the glass cleaner solution on the glass glazing. You can use any glass cleaner solution, but it is preferable if fewer chemicals are involved. SOVI® uses only natural ingredients like vinegar to make their glass cleaner, so rest assured, it will not harm your frames even if it gets on them.

After spraying the glass cleaner, gently wipe it off with the dry microfiber cloth. As vinegar is a natural brightening agent, it will remove all the dust and glow the glass making the picture frame lively.


Cleaning Acrylic Glazing:

To clean the acrylic glazing, you will need:

  1. A Glass Cleaner Solution (optional)
  2. Microfiber Cloth (damp and dry)

For acrylic glazing, there should be a little more care. Hence, first, we need to rinse the cloth with water and squeeze all the water out. We do not want to over-dampen the cloth. Wipe the frame with the damp microfiber cloth that is not too wet.

Once done, we can wipe it off with a dry microfiber cloth. If the acrylic glaze is old and the glow doesn't come, a little glass cleaner solution can be applied and wiped out with a dry cloth.

And once it is done, your picture frame can go back to the original spot where it belongs. Over time, the dust will again settle down on them. But you can come again and refer to this guide to keep your picture frame clean and sparkly!