Laundry day is often a battleground against tough stains and lingering odours. Sometimes, your regular detergent just doesn't cut it. That's where laundry boosters come to the rescue. But how exactly do you use them to elevate your laundry game? Let's dive into the details.


Understanding Laundry Boosters

Before we delve into the usage, let's grasp what laundry boosters are. These products are formulated to complement your regular detergent, providing an extra boost in cleaning power. They work by enhancing stain removal, brightening fabrics, and softening hard water, resulting in cleaner, fresher laundry.


Forms of Laundry Boosters

Laundry boosters typically come in two forms: powder and liquid. Each has its own advantages, with liquid boosters being convenient for pretreating stains and powder boosters offering concentrated cleaning power.


Choosing the Right Booster

Selecting the appropriate booster depends on your laundry needs. Whether you're tackling sweaty gym clothes, extending the life of your favourite garments, refreshing bedding, or reviving whites, there's a booster tailored to your specific requirements.


Using a Laundry Booster

Now, let's get to the crux of the matter: how to use a laundry booster effectively.
  1. Preparation: Start by adding your regular laundry detergent to the washing machine drum as usual.
  2. Measuring: Consult the instructions on your chosen laundry booster to determine the correct amount. Measure out the booster using the provided cap or scoop.
  3. Adding to the Wash: Pour the measured booster directly into the washing machine drum along with your detergent.
  4. Loading the Laundry: Place your clothes, sheets, towels, or other items into the washing machine.
  5. Washing: Proceed with your laundry cycle as usual. There's no need for special settings; the booster will work its magic alongside your detergent.
  6. Drying: Once the washing cycle is complete, follow your typical drying process.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use a laundry booster in hot water? Yes, laundry boosters are suitable for use in hot water washes, but only for white clothes. For very dirty or for whites that have yellowness or stains on it, you can even soak your laundry of white clothes in hot water for 30 mins as pre-treatment along with our booster, before putting it into the washing machine and running a regular cycle with laundry detergent and our booster.


  • Can I use a laundry booster in cold water? Yes, laundry boosters are suitable for use in cold water washes, providing an extra cleaning boost when needed. This is recommended for coloured clothes. Please do not use hot water for coloured clothes as pre-treatment along with the booster


  • Can I use multiple laundry boosters at once? Absolutely. You can mix different boosters to customise your laundry cleaning regimen. However, it's advisable to adjust the amounts accordingly to avoid over-soaping.



Incorporating a laundry booster into your washing routine can take your laundry results to the next level. Whether you're dealing with stubborn stains, dingy whites, or simply seeking a fresher clean, these products offer a solution. By following these simple steps, you can harness the full potential of your chosen laundry booster and enjoy cleaner, brighter laundry every time.


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