Maintaining a clean and hygienic bathroom often requires more than just routine cleaning. To tackle tough stains, grime, and buildup effectively, consider implementing these 10 deep bathroom cleaning hacks using everyday household items. From organic toilet cleaner to vinegar toilet cleaner solutions, these tips will help you achieve a spotless and sanitised space without harsh chemicals.


  1. Vodka for Toilet Cleaning:
    Use vodka as an effective toilet cleaner by pouring 1/2 cup into the bowl monthly to prevent rings from forming. This organic toilet cleaner also disinfects the toilet seat and cover, leaving your bathroom fresh and sanitised.
  2. Disinfect Toilet Brush Holder:
    Prevent the buildup of germs by disinfecting your toilet brush holder after each use. Simply pour a small amount of disinfectant into the holder to sanitise the brush without additional effort.
  3. Clean Bathroom Fan with Air:
    Easily remove dust from your bathroom exhaust fan using a can of air. Spray directly onto the fan to eliminate dust buildup and improve air quality in your bathroom.
  4. Lemon and Club Soda for Windows and Mirrors:
    Harness the natural cleaning properties of lemon and club soda to create a fresh-smelling glass and window spray. This hard water stain remover toilet solution effectively removes streaks and leaves surfaces sparkling clean.
  5. Shine Faucets with Baby Oil:
    Restore the shine to chrome faucets and sink handles using baby oil. Buff with a microfiber cloth to keep fingerprints, water spots, and smudges at bay.
  6. Soap Scum Removal with Cooking Spray:
    Combat soap scum and lime buildup in your shower by spraying cooking spray on the door and walls. Let it sit for a few minutes before wiping clean for a sparkling shower.
  7. Bar Keepers Friend for Bathtub:
    Use Bar Keepers Friend to sanitize and polish your bathtub surfaces. Sprinkle the powder on stubborn stains and mildew, then scrub gently before rinsing away grime and suds.
  8. Vinegar All-Purpose Cleaner:
    Create an all-purpose cleaner using apple cider vinegar and water. This non-toxic solution effectively sanitizes shower tiles, sinks, and countertops, leaving behind a streak-free shine.
  9. Prevent Rust with Nail Polish:
    Coat the bottom of aluminum products in clear nail polish to prevent rust stains in your shower. This simple hack helps preserve the appearance of your bathroom fixtures.
  10. Baking Soda for Unclogging Drains:
    Unclog shower drains by sprinkling baking soda followed by hot water. This hard water stain remover toilet method helps loosen grime, hair, and other debris lurking in the pipes.

Implement these deep bathroom cleaning hacks to achieve a spotless and sanitized space without harsh chemicals or expensive cleaners. Explore organic toilet cleaner options and vinegar toilet cleaner solutions for eco-friendly cleaning that promotes a healthy home environment.

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