With winter months approaching, a huge task of getting your woollen clothes squeaky clean beckons. The time has come when you need to get those sweaters and jackets out of the wardrobe and match them with a cute pair of jeans to rock your style.

However, it is indeed mandatory for you to wash the winter clothes in washing machine because the fabric is too tough to hand wash. When soaked in water, the winter clothes become a lot heavier, and it becomes hard to wash them by hand.

But, cleaning them in the washing machine is not as simple as it seems. There is a separate mode for cleaning winter clothes and those vary from one machine to another.

Before you jump straight into the solution, it is time to focus on the steps to follow on how you need to wash your winter clothes in washing machine.

Remember to check the clothing tag for washing instructions:

Most people are tempted to cut out the clothing tags, but they contain some useful information on ways to wash that particular winter apparel.

Most of the tags will advise you to hand-wash, but, only a few are machine washable. To be on the safer side, remember to follow the care instructions on the clothing label to get the best result.

Dry cleaning is another solution:

If you want, you can send your winter clothes for dry cleaning. But, this method is pretty expensive. It is possible to wash your clothes at home, but once you have followed the instruction on the tag.

The use of gentle detergent:

The best way to take care of your knitted sweater or favourite scarf is by using a gentle detergent for cleaning it. You can wash them in your machine only if there is a gentle cleaning mode available. These are delicate items and cannot withstand normal washing pressure.

  • Using the gentle detergent means your clothes will get cleaned up without harming the fabric materials involved.
  • The products from SOVI® are designed using all-natural ingredients and will create a protective shield around the fabrics to prevent them from unwanted tears and wear.


The wide range of laundry cleaning products is completely based on organic ingredients and does not contain harsh bleaches and chlorides. 

  • With the gentle washing system, your machine will start spinning and cleaning the handmade sweaters in simple swirls. These methods will clean the clothes but won’t use too much pressure while doing so.

The points to consider:

In case the label states that it can be machine washed, there are some dos and don'ts you need to follow.

  • Always avoid using powder detergents as those are not good on wool. Instead, use mild liquid detergent from SOVI® for quality results.
  • Remember to turn the woollen clothes inside out and wash them only in delicate mode. In case your washing machine has a wool cycle, then use that!
  • Make sure to use cold or lukewarm water only while washing winter clothes.
  • For rinsing out the wool garment, add one extra cycle to rinse.
  • It is always best to run the wool garments separately without any other clothing with hooks or buttons on them.

With these simple steps down the line, washing winter clothes in a washing machine won’t be trouble anymore. Trying out the best cleaning solutions from SOVI® is a great call. These natural solutions are purposefully designed for cleaning winter clothes that help the clothing fabric to remain completely flawless!