You have actually spent quite some money on your new clothing items. Some are way too expensive and you are all set to take care of them. However, unfortunately, some washing mistakes can degrade the look and quality of fabric even further, without you even realizing it. Using harsh chemical cleaners for your fabric is an absolute no-no.

If you know what the best for your clothes is and follow the best practices your fabric will last longer and will remain squeaky clean.

Let’s get started with the 10 washing mistakes you better avoid to prevent damaging your fabric further.

  1. Not sorting clothes as per colour:

It is common sense that most people lack, especially when they are lazy enough. Washing white or light pairs of clothing with darker shades together will force colours to bleed and merge into white pieces. So, your once white shirt can easily turn into pale pink colour, thanks to the dark pink skirt you washed together!

  1. Using harsh chemical-based detergents in the wash:

Adding a harsh or too much detergent doesn’t mean your clothes get cleaner, but you are ruining the integrity of the fabric! Harsh chemicals will damage the fibres of the clothes permanently. Access detergent will go to waste as it won’t dissolve completely and eventually leave soap residue on your clothing items.

It is advised to use enzyme-powered liquid laundry detergents that are plant-based and do not harm the cloth fibres. You can check out the Clean Laundry Edition by SOVI® which provides a higher degree of stain removal, whiteness, fabric and colour care and overall cleaning performance.


  1. Using way too much softener or bleach:

Adding way too much fabric softener or bleach will ruin your clothes and it is not what you want. People have a misconception that using too much of chemicals will get rid of stains, but that is not the case. These softeners and bleaches are strong chemicals and can lead to damage!

  1. Not checking the pockets for keys, coins, and more:

Keys, coins, and any sharp object can damage your clothes pretty much. So, double-checking your pockets before putting them in the wash will always ensure that no items are harmed during the washing procedure.

  1. Not quite washing the embellished garments inside out:

Embellishments and embroidery can get snagged easily by rubbing against other garments. It will cause them to fall off. So, to avoid such a mess, it is important to get the embellishments and embroidery inside out before putting the clothes into the washer. 

  1. Not unbuttoning shirts before you wash them:

If you didn’t unbutton the shirt before you put them into the washer, then chances are high that your clothes will get damaged. Buttons get caught during the wash cycle or the threads around the buttonholes start to lose with time. Avoid making this mistake by unbuttoning the shirt before placing it inside the washer.

  1. Unzipped zippers:

If you are in a hurry, this is a pretty common mistake to make. Leaving the zippers unzipped will damage your clothes while washing. So, ensure to zip them right back up before putting them inside the machine.

  1. Avoid checking the labels before laundering:

Each fabric material needs to be treated separately. It is properly mentioned on the garment labels. So, if you fail to read the label for instructions, you are messing up your clothes for sure. Follow the instructions thoroughly.

  1. Avoid checking the lint trap on the dryer for clogged lint:

Leaving lint in the dryer can lead to fire hazards because lint is highly combustible. So, checking the dryer for clogged lint after every use is a mandatory point to follow if you don’t want to damage your clothes.

  1. Not using proper settings for every fabric:

Some fabrics need to be washed in cold water and some in a lukewarm setting. Not reading the proper settings for the fabric will mess it up quickly.

Follow the simple steps to avoid making washing mistakes from the get-go. Use these easy tips to get picture-perfect and fresh clothes every time!