Vinegar has been used as a gentle cleaning agent for centuries but with time people lost touch with it and gradually opted for chemically made cleaning liquids and sprays. Research says that no other ingredient can clean surfaces and destroy germs and bacterias like vinegar. So it is high time that we bring back the best-cleaning agent to our cleaning regime. 

But the key part about using vinegar in cleaning is the proportion of vinegar. And it keeps on fluctuating depending on the surface it is being used on and how strong the stain is. To guide you through it here we have come up with a guide on “How to use Vinegar as a cleaning liquid?” 

  • Based on the toughness of the stain you should select the proportion of vinegar you use. You should pour a small spoon or two of vinegar for a small proportion like one liter of water. Also, make sure the cleaning vinegar you use is of good quality. Let’s understand that in the next point.
  • Make sure you buy the right cleaning vinegar. There are various kinds of vinegar available in the market like white, apple cider, balsamic, white wine, red wine malt, and red rice vinegar. But for cleaning purposes, you should go for white distilled vinegar which is a cleaning vinegar. Using food vinegar like apple cider or balsamic for cleaning purposes is a strict no no. These vinegars are made differently for consumption and are not at all meant for cleaning. 
  • We recommend along with vinegar, you should use other cleaning agents like lemon extract, rock salt, and similar other natural ingredients while cleaning. However, the time of application, order of application as well as the proportion of additional cleaning agents with vinegar is important too. This can play a crucial role in getting results that make you smile or frown with frustration. 
  • Do not dilute the vinegar with any other cleaning liquid. You never know how vinegar will react with it. 

These were a few points that you should know while using vinegar as a cleaning liquid. Now let us give you an overview of “Where all you can use vinegar as a cleaning liquid?” 

  • You can clean the floor and tiles using a vinegar-based floor cleaner. Vinegar and salt work great when cleaning the floor, these two can clean perfectly and more importantly disinfect it. This combination will help you keep your floor safe from ants and pesticides. It will clean all mineral deposits, dirt, grease, and grime. You can use clean tiles, wooden floors, and ceramic surfaces using vinegar without worry.
  • You can use vinegar based cleaners in the bathrooms too. Toilet bowls and bathroom floors can be cleaned using vinegar-based toilet cleaner. The hard water stains are too tough and need a strong cleaning agent that can bring back the shiny bowl and vinegar at its core can do it. We recommend you try and watch the results. One watchout is to ventilate the bathroom after cleaning as the vinegar smell can be strong for those with sensitive sense of smell. 
  • Mirrors and Glass can be cleaned ideally using vinegar. It becomes a task to clean smudges from such surfaces and even after using cleaning products, the smudge either is cleaned but the surface’s shine fades away or else at major time it does not clean instead the smudges get spread. 
  • Vinegar can be used to clean the outer surface of electronic products, and even in laundry. 

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