When we hear the word - vinegar and baking soda, the first thing that comes to our mind is cooking. But there is a secret that might surprise the majority of you. Vinegar and Baking soda are probably the best cleaning agents and have been used since ages. No other chemical or even a natural ingredient can clean like vinegar and baking soda. Let us give you an idea of where exactly the use of vinegar and baking soda comes from when it comes to cleaning. 

The use of vinegar as a cleaning product can be traced back to 5000 BC. But with time we lost the idea of using vinegar in cleaning and shifted to chemically made cleaning products. Coming to baking soda, it has been hundreds of years since it is being used as a cleaning product. It all started in North Africa where Egyptians started to use it as a cleaning product. From an Indian perspective today, the market has a lot of chemically centric cleaning product brands and a few eco-friendly brands that use all-natural products. 

We believe it is high time that we should again adopt vinegar and baking soda based products as the mainstay of home cleaning. This is because cleaning with vinegar and baking soda makes your task much easier while being safe for your home and the environment at large. Our recommendation is backed by solid facts, and we have listed a few below to share these with you:

  • Using chemically made products for cleaning damages the surface it is used on and can spread germs and bacteria. Let us give you a few examples, like using toilet cleaners will take away the shine of the toilet bowl and not even clean the hard water stains completely. You might have observed those yellow stains (limescale) or even hard water stains (various shades of grey). 
  • Another example is your kitchen sink; due to all the grease and food residue stains, the sink always remains untidy even after cleaning with a strong cleaning liquid. Not only do these stains spoil the look of your kitchen, but these unclean sinks can spread germs and disturb the atmosphere of the room where your food is cooked. 
  • Chemical-laden mass products that form the majority of the market can be harmful to kids and pets in your home. We know how kids and pets love to enjoy themselves on the floor, walking or crawling or just playing. In fact, children and pets are in contact with various surfaces at home all the time. You might now be wondering, how each of these surfaces were often cleaned by the mass produced chemical rich cleaning products like Floor Cleaner, Glass Cleaner and even Dishwash Cleaning products for the utensils. If by mistake a kid or a pet comes in contact with a liquid then it will have serious repercussions, as listed on the next point.
  • Due to the heavy use of chemicals, it is possible that those coming into contact might suffer from, as research says, issues like respiratory disorders, skin issues, and other allergic reactions. This has become more pronounced in recent years as air pollution has deteriorated across India and some areas suffer more from water pollution (especially groundwater contamination).

Apart from these there are several other disadvantages of using a chemically made product. We highlighted only a few important ones, as we see increasing instances of kids, pets and even adults suffer from various health issues.

This is why, we believe cleaning using vinegar and baking soda based products offers a superior cleaning alternative while being environmentally friendly. There are hundreds of benefits of using a vinegar made product. These products are kid and pet safe and will keep your cleaning process free from all sorts of chemicals. 

SOVI & TYDI is the ultimate revolution in the cleaning industry, it is a pocket friendly and 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic ingredient based brand that will make your house sparkly clean and bacteria-free. According to us, every Indian household needs a cleaning product that is made of vinegar or baking soda, and reduces toxins inside of their home.