Floor cleaning has been a question for a long time. It is not as simple as it seems. How many times a week should one clean the floor? Or Is a mop a good choice for floor cleaning? Or which liquid is the best? These are a few of the many questions netizens have when it comes to floor cleaning. Here in this blog, we have tried to answer most of these questions. 

Cleaning the floor once a day is very vital. Since pollution is all-time high so dust and dirt are always present. Hence to keep the environment safe and clean, it becomes necessary to clean the floor atleast once in a day, be it at home or other premises.

Another doubt is about using the type of mop or other types of equipment for floor cleaning. We would suggest that you should go for any cleaning equipment, but you need to make sure that the floor cleaner that you use is the right one. 

There are too many options when it comes to floor cleaners. A variety of floor cleaners of different fragrances are available, but all of these are chemically made. A few brands make natural or 100% eco-friendly floor cleaners. And based on past research and advice of experts, it is highly recommended to go for an organic or natural one. 

Again there are a few brands that claim to be 100% natural but when we look for the ingredients used in making that floor cleaner there is a list of chemicals used. So make sure to check the elements used in the making of a particular floor cleaner. 

Out of the several natural products, we would suggest you go for a floor cleaner made up of vinegar. Vinegar is the perfect component for a floor cleaner because it not just cleans but disinfects too. It would keep the germs and bacteria away along with the dust and dirt. And we have found a cleaning product brand that is bringing revolutionary change to the Indian cleaning industry. 

Sovi and Tydi Bowl is India’s first cleaning product brand that is powered by Vinegar and Baking Soda. All their products are highly effective, 100% eco-friendly, and even safe. It is very vital to make sure a cleaning product especially floor cleaner is safe for the users. The chemically made floor cleaners can have serious health issues for the users and can be unsafe for kids and pets too. All the Sovi products are Non-toxic and made lab tested. 

Sovi’s floor cleaners are available in two fragrances Clean Scent and French connection, and are made from vinegar and sea salt. These two ingredients are a perfect combination when it comes to floor cleaning. Vinegar is an effective cleaner and a natural deodorizer. And can solve another big issue, that of ants and pests. The acidity of vinegar is so strong that it can erase all the germs, bacteria, and mould on the floor. Coming to salt, it is a gentle yet through cleaning agent that can clean all the tough stains. 

One of the best parts about their floor cleaner is that even being 100% natural it is not expensive. All the brands that have herbal or natural cleaners are either too overpriced or if reasonably priced they use chemicals. But the case with SOVI is not the same: all their products are naturally made and reasonably priced. 

Get your hands on Sovi’s floor cleaner, you can find them on Amazon, Flipkart, Blinkit, and JioMart. Or to get a 10% flat discount on your first purchase by buy it from their website.